Big Bear’s Ultra – We are a proud member of Europe Trail cup!

In the heart of Europe, where the mountains whisper tales of adventure, the Europe Trail Cup emerges and unifies the spirit of trail-running enthusiasts across Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia, Serbia, and Macedonia.

Born from a shared love for the untamed beauty of Europe’s diverse landscapes, Europe Trail Cup is more than a series of events; it’s a journey that unites trail enthusiasts in a mix of culture, camaraderie, and competition.

Each race in our series paints a unique picture, from the majestic peaks of the Pieniny, Julian Alps, Malá Fatra and Dolomite mountains to the sun-drenched trails in the Balkan, welcoming runners to immerse themselves in the excitement of discovery and connection.

Lace up, embrace the challenge, and let the adventure begin!